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Omron CX-One Verision 4


CX-One Version 4 Promotion

Promotional offer has been extended through June 30th 2010.
Description Promo Price
until June 30th
Price starting
June 30th 2010
CX-One Single User Full Version $1995.00 $2495.00
CX-One Single User Upgrade to Version 4
from any previous CX-One Full Version
$599.00 $849.00
CX-One Single User Upgrade to Version 4
from CX-One Lite or CX Programmer Jr
$995.00 $1295.00

For a full list of part numbers and multiple license discounts, please let us know.

CX-One Version 4, the latest version of Omron’s integrated software management tool delivers cost saving enhancements and improved functionality allowing users to speed up development saving time & money. It supports the latest PLC CPU’s including CJ2, CP1, CJ1 and CS1 hardware along with many legacy PLC products that date back over 25 years.

Key Features and Benefits
• Windows 7 Support – 32 bit operating system only
• Smart Input – Less Programming Work, ladder programming can be done 30% faster
• Easy Tag Data Link Setting for EtherNet/IP – Drag & Drop to create tag data links
• Reuse Data Structures – Manage data with different size & type of data in Data Structures for data processing that can easily be reused.
• Support for new and old hardware – including PLCs, HMIs, Motion Controllers, Networking, Communications, Simulation, Drives and Temperature Controllers.
• Manage Multiple Networks – Reduce debugging time by managing multiple networks from a single connection point.