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April 24th, 2014

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Delta Robot
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Westlake, Ohio 44145
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Omron Electronics LLC is the US-based division of Omron Corporation's Industrial Automation business, a world-class manufacturer of industrial automation products with over 75 years of success. Through collaboration with customers, they define objectives, identify problems and recommend/implement innovative solutions to help you achieve success.

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Lakewood Automation represents a number of very innovative manufacturers who in turn release a large number of new products every year. This newsletter only focused on a few products from one manufacturer. To view more new products on our website, click here.

Dear All,

Lakewood Automation is proud to present the Omron Delta Robot and Motion Roadshow.
Please join us:
Date: May 21st 2014
Location: 27911 Clemens Road, Westlake, Ohio 44145
Show Times: 9am, 11am and 2pm.
Please RSVP by May 14th to John Garcia
Phone: (440) 808-4820
Delta Robot and Motion Roadshow
CR-Series Delta Robots & NJ Controllers
Omron's NJ Controller offers seamless integration of the Delta robot with vision, safeguarding, process control & linear/rotary axis (expandable for additional axes), all in a very compact package.

Omron introduces a high-performance robotic pick-and-place solution that combines the powerful advantages of CR-Series Delta robots, Accurax G5 servos, Sysmac NJ robotics controllers, vision sensors and machine guarding products.

The NJ Robotics controller at the core of this system controls all motion devices in the machine, including single-axis, simple groups of axes and robot control, by providing independent or synchronized movements. The synchronization with multiple conveyors can be fully programmed using powerful commands in the Sysmac Studio software, developed specially for pick-and-place applications that use a Delta robot.
Delta Robot
  • Rated working range: Ø 1100 x 250 mm
  • Max. Payload: 2Kg
  • Cycle time 25/305/25 mm
    (0.1 Kg): Up to 150 cycle/min
Mini Delta Robot
  • Rated working range: Ø 500 x 155 mm / Ø 450 x 135 mm(with rotational axis)
  • Max. Payload: 2Kg
  • Cycle time 25/305/25 mm
    (0.1 Kg): Up to 150 cycle/min
Individual Product Strengths
The NJ Robotics controller is based on the EtherCAT bus, providing the highest motion performance for demanding picking applications.

The Delta robot arms use the G5 servo motors to reduce the settling time and stabilize operation thanks in part to the high frequency response of 2 kHz. These servos are the best choice for positioning tasks.
The FQ-M vision sensor is designed for motion applications and is able to detect the position of several pieces moving on a conveyor, in a very short time in order to increase the overall throughput of the machine. 
New Tech-Connect Documents 


documents are downloadable files, created by Lakewood Automation, containing the basic information needed to get two or more pieces of equipment working together.


Proface LT3300 To E5CC Using Compoway F - This document will show you how to set up communications between the Proface LT screen & the Omron E5CC temperature controller using the Omron Corporation Temperature Controller CompoWay/F driver.


Proface LT3300 To West P6100 Temp Controller Using Modbus - This document will show you how to set up communications between the Proface LT screen & the West P6100 temperature controller using the Schneider Electric SA Modbus SIO Master driver.

Microscan HS-41X Handheld Scanner to Proface LT3300S - This document will show you how to set up communications between the Proface LT3300S HMI touch screen and the Microscan HS-41X handheld scanner connected via the USB port of the Proface touch screen.


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