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Communication Cables

Lakewood Automation manufactures a number of different communication cables for a variety of different products. Please see below for details.

Proface Pro-face Cables


This cable will communication between a Proface ST401, AGP3000 and GP4000 Screen and the CH0 8 pin Mini Din port on an Allen Bradley Micrologic PLC. Cable length is 3 meters.

HMI-CAB-ST106  Price $75.00 each
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Images of the HMI-CAB-ST106 connected to the Micrologix PLCs.

Micrologix 1000 Micrologix 1100 Micrologix 1400
Micrologix 1000 Micrologix 1100 Micrologix 1400

HMI-CAB-ST106 Alternative Solution

The following alternate solution is available to any Proface customer that uses the AB MicroLogix PLC:

For AGP, AST and WinGP IPC RS232C connections refer to the recommended connection diagram Included in the GP-Pro EX Device Connection Manual. This diagram recommends using the AB PLC Programming Cable with a "User-created cable". The purpose of this user created cable is enabling HMI communication by closing the RTS/CTS pins.

Note that it is no longer necessary for the user to create the additional cable: the CA0-CBLRXTX-PFA01 adapter is now available to order for around $60.

The ST106 alternate solution now consists of one each: CA0-CBLRXTX-PFA01 + 1761-CBL-PM02 (available from Rockwell)

The benefit of this adapter solution is that the customer can purchase a fitting communication cable at the time the PLC is purchased, while the adapter solution can be used for a variety of other Pro-face cable connections since it is not directly tied to a single device.


This cable is an extension cable for the HMI-CAB-ST106, which only comes in a 3 meter length. By adding this cable to the end of the HMI-CAB-ST106 cable, the cable is now extended by 35 feet. One end of this cable has an RJ45 connector so it can be more easily fed through a wiring conduit. Once through just reconnect the supplied RJ45 to 9 Pin adaptor and you are ready to plug into the HMI-CAB-ST106 Cable.
Order any length up to 35 feet. Just change the length at the end of the part number.

CABLE0024-35ft  Price $100.00 each
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Proface distributor orders welcome
Built to order.