Newsletter - September 24th 2010

Dear All, in this issue of our newsletter, we would like to introduce you to the latest compact operator interface from Proface, the AGP4100. We would also like to remind you about Proface's online learning Center and show you how to maximize your industrial PC potential with WinGP.
Proface AGP4100 Compact Operator Interface
Proface Learning Center
WinGP: Maximizing Your Industrial Computer Potential
Upcoming Trainings and Seminars
Proface AGP4100 Compact Operator Interface 
Proface GP4100
The Proface AGP4100 Series compact operator interface offers a crisp, clear and bright, 200 x 80 pixel monochrome LCD Display, with Analog Touch Panel for improved visibility and precise part placement.
It comes equipped with energy efficient, maintenance free Green/Orange/Red or White/Pink/Red LED backlights.
2 USB ports (one for project transfer, and one for barcode reader connectivity), plus one Serial Port (RS232C, RS422/485 or RS485 MPI) make this series a powerful text panel replacement.
Product Benefits
Multi-Protocol: Simultaneous communication with 3rd party equipment.
Multi-Lingual: Operator can see screen in language of choice.
Barcode Reader Support: Parts tracking made simple.
Multi-action Switches: Execute multiple actions with "on" switch.
Proface's Learning CenterProface Learning Center
Lakewood Automation offers training classes a number of times a year at our office in Westlake. However if our dates do not fit your schedule, Proface has courses you can attend online at your own pace.
Proface's Learning Center provides a new self study section on the Proface America Technical Support site that has something for everyone who wants to know more about our products. It starts with a series of self-paced tutorials which can take you from beginner to pro, and includes a project file with a completed tutorial project that you can take away to test and reinforce your knowledge. Our new multimedia tutorials are designed to give you 24/7 access to self study presentations. For example if you're a brand new AGP/LT customer you can just sit back and relax in front of your computer and receive expert tuition on how to use these HMIs. It takes you from "Out of the box", to building your first screens, downloading, using simulation, and even creating Alarm screens. All in the space of 30 minutes! If you want to learn on the go, you can choose between playing these videos straight off the web using your browser, or download podcast versions and play them offline on your PC or iPod/iPhone.
WinGP: Maximizing Your Industrial Computer Potential
WinGP is an application that runs GPProEX project files and communicates with connected devices/PLCs on selected Proface industrial computers (hereafter referred to as IPC). However, because the AGP and an IPC are different pieces of hardware, there are differences in the functions the IPC can use. In addition to limitations, there are features that fully utilize the extra memory capacity of the IPC and there are applications that have been developed specifically for the IPC.

Proface WinGP Software

Upcoming Trainings and Seminars
Oct 13th   -  Proface GPProEx Basic Class
Nov 10th   -  Proface ProServerEx Class
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