Newsletter - December 2nd 2010

Dear All, in this issue of our newsletter, we would like to introduce you to Omron STI's new OS32C Compact Safety Laser Scanner and the new G9SP Programmable Safety Controller. We would also like to encourage you to have a machine or process safety assessment done. In our experience over 90% of machines on the factory floor are not guarded in accordance with relevant regulations and standards.
Omron STI OS32C Compact Safety Laser Scanner
Omron STI G9SP Programmable Safety Controller
Onsite Machine or Process Safety Assessment
Recently added Tech-Connect Applications
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Omron STI OS32C Compact Safety Laser Scanner 
Omron Sti OS32C Safety Laser ScannerWe are proud to introduce the OS32C - the world's most compact, lightweight and low-power safety laser scanner! Whether your application requires collision avoidance, intrusion detection or presence detection, the OS32C has the versatility to solve them all.
The OS32C is the newest product to join our Safety Laser Scanner lineup. Along with our OptoShield OS3101, Omron STI has the most popular selection of safety laser scanners available in the market today.
Don't be the only kid on your block without one. Check out our new OS32C.

Collision Avoidance - Small, light & compact body provides for easy installation on an AGV. Low power consumption (5 W) reduces battery load on the AGV (3.75 W in standby mode) Up to 70 zone set combinations support complex AGV tracks.

Intrusion Detection - Reference Boundary Monitoring function supports intrusion detection without physically blocking the entrance. Supports various operation patterns by switching zone sets.

Presence Detection - Compact body allows for use inside the machine. Detection angle of 270° provides coverage of two sides with one scanner.
Omron STI G9SP Programmable Safety ControllerSti G9SP
The Omron STI G9SP is a new range of configurable safety controllers suited to the packaging, food, automotive components, injection moulding and printing industries. Because it isn't hardwired into your system, you benefit from a new flexibility, easily reconfiguring the unit when new safety features are added to your set-up. Three different models are available, with a range of I/O lines, so you can choose the most suitable for your system. Each one is compatible with the Omron configuration tool, recognized by industry as one of the most simple and accessible on the market.

Reconfigurable - With the Omron Configuration Tool, all aspects of input and output to the unit can be defined, simulated, tested and validated with an easy-to-use graphical user interface. If you are building with a make-once/use-many profile, configurations can be copied and applied to all systems. If you are reconfiguring an existing set-up, it's just as simple. When user needs change, it can be adapted quickly and easily to meet those needs.

Flexible - Unlike hard-wired safety relays, the Omron G9SP can be reconfigured to multiple purposes. Because it is a solid-state, software-driven unit, all aspects of its operation can be reconfigured, with direct connection to non-contact switches or safety mats. Three I/O sizes are available: 20/8, 10/16 and 10/4. Covering the full range of typical small-to-mid sized systems, the Omron G9SP also comes with optional expansion units for standard I/O signals (12/8 and 0/32). Function blocks up to 128pcs complete this fully flexible range, so you can always be sure of a needs-match solution.

Simple - Above all, the Omron G9SP range is supplied with simplicity. With the Omron Configuration Tool, you can quickly define all inputs, outputs, scope, testing, simulation, validation and operation of your system. On-screen text and icon driven menus guide the user quickly through all aspects of set-up. Clear alerts and system status give any operator an instant overview at every stage of operation.
Onsite Machine or Process Safety Assessment
In our experience over 90% of machines on the factory floor are not guarded in accordance with relevant regulations and standards. To safeguard a machine correctly and ensure the existing safeguards are adequate requires a documented machine safeguarding assessment.
A proper assessment helps ensure that your machine remains productive after the guarding is installed.

The assessment process has two parts: Risk Level Identification and Risk Reduction.
  • Risk Level Identification - The process of interacting with your operators and maintenance personnel to understand the intended use of the machine, the required tasks and related hazards, and the level of risk associated with the operation of the equipment.
  • Risk Reduction - The application of protective measures appropriate for the identified level of risk in a manner that both reduces the risk to a tolerable level and achieves compliance with applicable regulations and standards. The goal is to have a machine that is both safe and productive.

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Recently added Tech-Connect Applications
A Tech-Connect is a downloadable file, created by Lakewood Automation, containing the basic information needed to get two or more pieces of equipment working together.

Proface AGP to Omron E5CN via CompowayF - This document will show you how to set up communications between the Proface LT screen & the Omron E5CN temperature controller using the Omron Corporation Temperature Controller CompowayF driver.


Omron CP1W-CIF41 to Proface AGP3560T - This document will show you how to set up communications between the Proface AGP screen & the Omron CP1W-CIF41 Ethernet unit.


Omron DeviceNet Explicit Messaging Example - This document will show you how to setup the Explicit Messaging between an Omron CJ1W-DRM21 card & Omron slave GRT1-DRT card.


Omron CP1W-ETN01-US to Proface AGP3560T - This document will show you how to set up communications between Proface's AGP screen & Omron's CP1WETN01US Ethernet unit.


Proface GPProEx Data Sampling to CSV - This document will show you how to do data sampling & saving the data into USB / CF memory in CSV format.

Upcoming Trainings and Seminars
There are no Trainings and Seminars scheduled before the end of the year. We hope to have the 2011 schedule for you in the next newsletter.
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