Newsletter - June 17th 2011

Dear Alan, in this issue of our newsletter, we would like to introduce you to Tolomatic's new low cost, extremely easy to use, ACS Stepper Drive and Controller. We would also like to update you on the new enhancements to Tolomatic's low cost ERD Electric Rod Style Actuator. Most Tolomatic products can ship to you in 5 days.
In this issue we have also included some buying tips if you are planning on purchasing a new laptop.
Tolomatic ACS Stepper Drive and Controller
Tolomatic ERD Enhancements
Need a new Laptop?
Recently added Tech-Connect Applications
Upcoming Trainings and Seminars.
Tolomatic ACS Stepper Drive and Controller 
Tolomatic ACS and ERD
Easy-to-use Stepper Drive and Controller for Linear Actuator Control.
The ACS is an extremely easy-to-use stepper drive & controller developed specifically to be used with electric actuators. Simply select the configured Tolomatic actuator in the Tolomatic Motion Interface software to automatically set-up most of the necessary parameters to create motion in the desired linear units (mm or inch).

· Index move (4, 8, or 16) modes (absolute, incremental, jog and home moves) provide infinite positioning capability
· Analog position mode with optional analog output that echoes position of actuator from encoder (0-10 Vdc or 4-20 mA)
· Adjustable motion profile parameters (velocity, accel/decel, force). Parameters are independently configurable for each move
· Ability to reduce holding current for energy savings
· End point correction
· Zone output based on position
· Force limiting capability
· Configurable digital I/O (24 Vdc Opto-Isolated)(NPN or PNP)
· Compatible with most 24 Vdc stepper motors
Tolomatic ERD Low Cost Actuator Enhancements 
Tolomatic ERD Enhancements
The ERD is a low cost rod-style electric actuator designed as an alternate to pneumatic cylinders and an option for automating manual processes. The ERD electric cylinder is compatible with many NEMA and Metric standard stepper and servo motors to create a low cost, electric actuator solution. The ERD electric actuator is offered as follows:

· 3 body sizes
· Ball or Acme screw choices
· Force / thrust capabilities up to 200 lbs
· Stroke lengths configurable up to 12"
· Guide / Anti-rotate option
· Stepper Drive / Controller & Motor solutions
· IP67 option

· All Stainless Steel body construction with protective motor   

Need a new Laptop?
If you are looking at buying a new laptop, here are some things to bear in mind before buying:
1. Operating System - If you can still find Windows XP Pro, we would recommend going that way. However, XP can be difficult to find so the next best choice would be Windows 7 Professional. Windows 7 Professional comes in 32 or 64 bit. Make sure you get your new laptop loaded with the 32 bit version. There are many software packages that will not run on the 64 bit version yet, but will run on the 32 bit version.
2. XP Mode - Assuming you picked Windows 7 32 bit, make sure your hardware supports XP Mode. Some software packages will not even run on Windows 7 32 bit. However if your machine supports XP Mode, then you can use XP Mode to simulate running Windows XP Pro.

3. Serial Ports - If you can find a laptop with a built in 9 pin serial port, that is by far the best option. Most, if not all, laptops today do not come with a built in RS232 port. That means that you will have to buy a USB to Serial convertor. Buy one manufactured by a well known name. Don't buy the cheapest one you can find. From experience we have found that the less you pay, the less hardware they work with. When you install the driver for your new convertor, make sure that the com port it is assigned is as low as possible. Preferably com 4 or below. Some old software packages only recognize com ports up to 4.

Recently added Tech-Connect Applications
A Tech-Connect is a downloadable file, created by Lakewood Automation, containing the basic information needed to get two or more pieces of equipment working together.


Wago Speedway to Proface LT using Ethernet IP - This document will show you how to set up communications between the Proface LT3300S screen & the WAGO 767-1301 Ethernet module over an Ethernet IP network.

Wago Speedway to Proface LT using Modbus TCP - This document will show you how to set up communications between the Proface LT3300S screen & the WAGO 767-1301 Ethernet module over a Modbus TCP network.

Recipe Search on Omron NS or Proface LT - This document will show you how to set up communications between the Proface LT HMI touch screen or an Omron NS screen and the Microscan HS-1 handheld scanner to do a recipe search of CSV files on a USB stick via a barcode scan or manual entry for recipe search.

Omron CJ1W-EIP21 Ethernet IP - This document will show how to configure the CJ1W-EIP21 to connect to remote 3rd party devices over an Ethernet IP network for communication.


CJ1W-SCU21 to Datamax I Series Printer - This document will show you how to set up communications between the Omron PLC port & Omron Communication Unit to the Datamax I-Series Printer. 


Upcoming Trainings and Seminars
For the Complete 2011 training schedule. View Here.
GPProEx Basics - June 22nd
ProServerEx - July 20th
GPProEx Logic - Aug 3rd
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