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Newsletter - December, 2015 

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Tolomatic's reputation for innovative linear motion products is earned daily through the efforts of our engineering, operation, and sales associates. Over 35% of our business comes from non-cataloged product solutions. In applications ranging from bottle capping, packaging, material handling to robotic resistance spot welding, Tolomatic's products are hard at work.

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Lakewood Automation represents a number of very innovative manufacturers who in turn release a large number of new products every year. This newsletter only focused on a few products from one manufacturer. To view more new products on our website, click here.

Dear All,

In this issue of our newsletter, we would like to introduce you to a few of  Tolomatic's pure electric systems including the ERD electric rod-style actuator, the ACS Servo Drive/Servo Controller, as well as the Slide-Rite gearbox.
As always, we have included links to some of the latest Tech-Connect documents that we have created.
ERD Electric Rod-Style Actuator
The ERD is an economical rod-style electric actuator designed as an alternative to pneumatic cylinders, a cost effective actuator for general automation and an option for automating manual processes. With IP69K and stainless steel options, this makes for the perfect hygienic actuator for the food and beverage processing environment.


Features include:
  • 4 body sizes
  • Ball and acme screw choices
  • Force/thrust capabilities up to 500 lbf (2.2 kN)
  • Stroke lengths up to 24 inches (610mm)
  • Guide and anti-rotate options
  • Stepper and servo drive/controller
  • IP67 and IP69K options
  • All stainless steel body options
  • ACS Servo Drive/Servo Controller

    The ACS series is an extremely easy to use servo drive/controller developed specifically for use with electric actuators. Simply select the configured Tolomatic actuator in the software to automatically set-up most of the necessary parameters to create motion in your desired linear units.


    Features include:

  • Several modes of operation
  • High current brake output
  • Modbus RTU, Ethernet IP and discrete I/O available
  • Easy to use configuration software, no calculations
  • Slide-Rite Gearbox
    The Slide-Rite Gearbox is a universal right angle gearbox. It consists of two 45 degree helical gears that mesh at right angles, designed to turn power at 90 degrees. It can be operated in either direction and can slide axially along the drive or driven shaft. It's unique floating design maintains shaft alignment allowing for easy installation.


    Features include:
  • High torque ball bearing design
  • Solid one piece aluminum housing
  • Rotation converts power in both directions
  • Alloy steel helical gears for high performance
  • New Tech-Connect Documents
    documents are downloadable files, created by Lakewood Automation, containing the basic information needed to get two or more pieces of equipment working together.

    Omron CP1 PLC to Omron E5CC Temperature Controller - This document will show you how to set up communications between the Omron CP1 PLC to send/receive commands to/from an Omron E5CC temperature controller using function blocks.
    Omron NJ101 to GP4201TM through EtherNet - This document will show you how to set up the Ethernet connection between NJ101 and Proface GP4201TM HMI.
    Omron CP1LE TO NS HMI FINS SETUP - This document will show you how to set up communications between the NS HMI and a CP1L-E PLC.