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Newsletter - September 13th, 2016

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Featured Vendor

Omron Electronics LLC is the US-based division of Omron Corporation's Industrial Automation business, a world-class manufacturer of industrial automation products with over 75 years of success. Through collaboration with customers, they define objectives, identify problems and recommend/implement innovative solutions to help you achieve success.

 Joining Omron Corporation in October 2015, Adept is now a part of the acceleration of OMRON's "ILO+S" (Input, Logic, Output and Safety) strategy for its Industrial Automation Business, which provides automation solutions for the manufacturing industries Adept systems provide unmatched performance and economic value throughout the production lifecycle, enabling customers to achieve precision, quality and productivity in their assembly, handling and packaging processes.

More Products

Lakewood Automation represents a number of very innovative manufacturers who in turn release a large number of new products every year. This newsletter only focused on a few products from one manufacturer. To view more new products on our website, click here.


In this issue of our newsletter, we would like to introduce you to some of Omron's new and exciting products. In particular, we'd like to highlight Omron Adept Robotic Automation, including three different types of robots as well as showcase Omron Adept's AnyFeeder and Flexibowl.

As always, we have included links to some of our upcoming classes and the latest Tech-Connect documents that we have created.
Omron Adept Robot Lineup  
Omron Adept offers robotic automation solutions for applications from cutting-edge production facilities to manual operation processes by using a wide variety of control devices and integrating robotics into automation. As an introduction, here are the three series of Omron Adept robots:

SCARA - Omron Adept's SCARA robot innovations continue today with the Cobra i-series and s-series SCARA robots. With sizes from 350mm to 850mm, table-top and inverted configurations, and vision guidance options, Adept has a SCARA robot that will meet your most demanding manufacturing and packaging challenges.

Parallel - Omron Adept's powerful controls are fully embedded into the base of the robot, saving valuable floor space and reducing installation costs and complexity. The Hornet 565 features a hygienic design that minimizes contamination risks, including a standard IP65 rating and corrosion resistant materials for easy wash down.

- The Omron Adept Viper 6-axis articulated robots are Adept's latest offering in a 6-axis robot configuration. The Adept Viper 6-axis robot family is a high-performance line of articulated (6-axis) robots designed specifically for assembly applications.

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Omron Adept AnyFeeder  

The AnyFeeder provides an economic alternative to well-known, conventional part-feeding techniques. When combined with an Omron Adept robot and Adept vision guidance, the AnyFeeder provides flexible part-feeding that exceeds the capability of hard-tooled bowl feeders. Its flexibility in feeding small parts of various size, shape and material allow for fast line changeover and significantly reduced tooling costs, to give you a crucial competitive advantage.

Benefits of the AnyFeeder:
  • Feeds a multitude of products
  • Eliminates multiple feeder systems
  • Rapid part changeover
  • Increases productivity
  • Dual configuration further increases productivity

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Omron Adept FlexiBowl   

The Omron Adept FlexiBowl is an innovative feed solution for use with any Adept robot and vision system. Utilizing a direct-drive motor, the FlexiBowl operates reliably and quietly and is extremely easy to operate. Its circular band tracking permits the removal of parts during movement delivering higher throughput and its unique design delivers a more flexible and efficient alternative to traditional vibration feeders. The FlexiBowl is available in a 350 mm and 500 mm diameter models.

Benefits of the FlexiBowl:
  • Handles a variety of parts
  • Throughput of 30-60 parts per minute
  • Fast part exchange
  • Simple but robust construction
  • Extremely low noise

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New Tech-Connect Documents
documents are downloadable files, created by Lakewood Automation, containing the basic information needed to get two or more pieces of equipment working together.

Proface to Omron E5ZN Using Compoway F Driver -
This document will show you how to set up communications between the Proface GP screen & the Omron E5ZN temperature controller using the Omron Corporation Temperature Controller CompoWay/F driver.

Omron F3SG_RA Light Curtain to G9SE Wiring -
This document provides wiring diagrams of Omron F3SG_RA light curtain to G9SE.