Omron E3AS-HL

Photoelectric Sensor

The E3AS-HL Series allows for more precise part differentiation and detection with easy-teach foreground and background suppression. The OLED display on the sensor lets users verify that they have correctly taught the sensor using the single teach button. The E3AS Series also incorporates IO-Link, which shortens the time from design to start-up, reduces troubleshooting and allows for distance output data collection from the sensor.

Key features:

  • Small CMOS laser spot or line beam
  • Foreground/background suppression (FGS/BGS)
  • Single teach button (background teaching, two-point teaching, key locking)
  • Predictive maintenance and configuration with IO-Link
  • Output monitoring for performance tracking
  • Antifouling coating to reduce false detection and minimize cleaning
  • Washdown-rated for F&C applications
  • Detergent resistance based on Ecolab certification
  • Compact body that overcomes space limitations and increases design flexibility
  • Easy-to-read OLED display to confirm detection level and threshold setting to reduce error

Advantages of the E3AS-HL

What is CMOS?

  • Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor
  • Each pixel in a CMOS image array has its own amplifier
  • Significantly more advanced and more accurate than photodiode/triangulation based sensors
  • An alternative to CCD
  • Faster read out
  • CMOS is becoming more prevalent and is more advanced than photodiodes