Introducing Microscan's AutoVISION 2.0 Machine Vision, Simplified

Meet the AutoVISION™ family and learn why this award-winning machine vision inspection suite is "Machine Vision, Simplified." AutoVISION features our unique software architecture that is both easy-to-use and scalable to support a range of hardware from integrated smart cameras to PC-based GigE solutions.

  • Drag and Drop Vision Tools from decode to verification
  • Scalability for projects of expanding scope
  • Backward-Compatibility protects your time, effort & investment
  • EtherNet/IP Support for industrial processes
  • Multi-Job Support to store and switch between jobs
  • Microscan Link enables connectivity in just a few clicks

Vision Mini

Vision Hawk

Vision Hawk C-Mount

• Ultra-Compact Shape and Size
• OEM-Ready For Easy Installation
• Storage for Multiple Jobs
• Complete with Processor, Autofocus Lens, and Illumination
• Simplified Programming with AutoVISION
• Advanced Programming with Visionscape

• Easy connection to industrial control systems through Microscan Link
• Storage for multiple jobs
• Industrial protocols for production environments
• Fully integrated with processor, autofocus
lens and illumination
• Simplified programming with AutoVISION™
• Advanced programming with Visionscape®

Smart Camera: Capabilities
1D/2D symbol decoding
Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
Symbol Quality Verification and OCV
Dynamic part location
Assembly verification
Dimensional measurements

Plus Visionscape Option
Image transformation and scaling
Precision calibration
Custom vision tools (scripting)
Program Control functions
50+ machine vision tools

Introducing Microscan's AutoVISION 2.0 Machine Vision, Simplified

Vision Mini - The Vision MINI smart camera is designed specifically for reliable vision performance in embedded identification and inspection applications. As the world’s smallest fully integrated vision system, the Vision MINI’s ultra-compact size and wide angle optics provide the best performance available for machine vision tasks at close range.

With the Vision MINI, OEM design engineers can quickly implement robust inspection, color matching, symbol decoding, OCR and more in a single compact vision solution.

World's Smallest: The Vision MINI is the world’s smallest fully integrated vision system. Its compact size allows flexible positioning in tight spaces. The lightweight and durable magnesium alloy case weighs less than 2 oz.

Powerful Capabilities: Features a robust tool set to address a wide range of automation challenges using vision technology. AutoVISION software provides an intuitive interface, step-by-step guides, and a library of presets that allow easy set up and deployment. Visionscape software is available for advanced users and more complex applications.

Long Term Availability and Reliability: The Vision MINI delivers both high performance and reliability, along with the assurance of long term availability and support. This is essential for OEMs, who require uninterrupted availability throughout the lifecycle of their products, and enables them to focus on new development instead of obsolescence issues.

Vision Hawk - The Vision HAWK is a flexible industrial smart camera that delivers powerful vision capabilities in a compact, easy-to-use package. Developed for vision users of all experience levels in a broad range of applications, the Vision HAWK features an intuitive vision interface, optional C-mount lens design, integrated lighting, high resolution optical zoom, and simple plug and play connectivity.

With the Vision HAWK, both integrators and end-users have a scalable, fully integrated vision solution to confidently solve any inspection, verification, or auto ID application.

Powerful Capabilities: Features a robust tool set to address a wide range of automation challenges using vision technology. Combined with patented liquid lens autofocus, the Vision HAWK can easily cover almost any vision or barcode application.

Advanced Optical System: High resolution modular optical zoom system enables the Vision HAWK to inspect objects and labels at distances from 33 mm to 2 m and beyond.

Rugged Design: The Vision HAWK features a rugged industrial design with a cast alloy IP65/67 enclosure and M12 connectors. Integrated Ethernet protocols are included for high speed communication.