Introducing Omron 1S Series Servo System and NX1P Machine Automation Controller

New AC Servo System 1S Series

Designed to meet a wide range of machine requirements, the 1S servo technology optimizes the full cycle, from the machine design, installation, and commissioning tasks to the maintenance once in production. In addition to the traditional motion solution, the 1S servo offers a high resolution multi-turn encoder without battery backup, built-in safety network and improved loop control allowing higher accuracy and machine productivity.


1S Servo Features

• Power range from 100 W to 3 kW - 100/200/400V
• 23 bit high resolution encoder
• Battery-free absolute multi-turn encoder
• Improved loop control for low overshoot and quick settling time
• Safety function built-in:
Hardwired Safe Torque Off
Safety over EtherCAT(FSoE)

Optimized installation and commissioning tasks with cabinet size reduction:
• Compact servo drive with same height throughout the whole power range
• Fast and secure screw-less push-in in control I/O connector and brake interlock connector
• Pluggable connectors in all connectors for easy pre-wiring and system maintenance
• Direct wiring of I/O signals. No need for terminal block units

Simplified machine design and maintenance:
• No battery, no maintenance
• No need for homing sequence improving machine uptime
• 23 bit high resolution encoder as standard
• Absolute multi-turn encoder design without mechanics: 16 bits, 65536 turns
• Compact and smaller motor size

New Machine Automation Controller NX1P

On September 28, 2016, OMRON Corporation announced the global release in October of its new product - NX1P - to futher expand the lineup of Machine Automation Controllers which are at the heart of the Sysmac automation platform.

In today's manufacturing environment, demand for the stable and efficient production of high-quality products is increasing because the trend toward high-mix low-volume production and optimally located production is accelerating on a global scale. In order to increase processing speed and accuracy and to use production data for predictive maintenance, equipment manufacturers need to add advanced and smart functionalities to small and middle- size production machines as well as state-of-the-art production equipment. To meet their needs, the NX1P provides both advanced motion control and a network environment for IoT at production sites, applying the know-how in advanced fine-tuning control to small-middle-size machines.

NX1P CPU Features

• Integrated sequence control and motion control
• Up to eight axes of control via EtherCAT
• Up to four synchronized axes - electronic gear/cam and linear/circular interpolation
• Standard-feature EtherCAT control network support
• Safety subsystem on EtherCAT
• Standard-feature EtherNet/IP port
• Buit-in I/O
• Up to eight NX I/O Units connectable
• Up to two option boards to add serial communications or analog I/O functionality
• Battery-free operation
• Fully conforms with IEC 61131-3 standard programming