Omron CJ2 PLC

Choose from the CJ2 PAC that has built-in Ethernet/IP and Tag Based Programming for High Speed systems that require lots of memory or the CJ1 PLCs for smaller less complex systems. With a wide range of interchangeable CPUs, network units analog & digital I/O and motion modules, the CJ family is the ultimate modular system.

Fast CJ2 CPUs offer built-in Ethernet/IP and Tag-Based Programming to simplify communications setup and data access. Use CJ1 modules for I/O, process control, motion, RFID and networking. Choose CJ2 for maximum throughput, short development time and fast time to market with your machine. For effective networking, CJ2 delivers high-capacity data exchange between PLC’s, HMI’s and I/O devices to perform both explicit and implicit messaging.

  • Tag-Based Programming lets operators’ access data without knowing the I/O addresses
  • Huge memory: Up to 400K steps program, 800K DM, 3.5 MB for Function Block, Symbol and Comments
  • Use CX-One software: Includes all 5 IEC61131-3 programming languages and full-featured Simulation; also converts existing CJ1 programs
  • Easy connection: Built-in USB, RS-232 or Ethernet/IP ports
  • Versatile: Over 100 CJ1 modules available for I/O, control and networking