Introducing Omron's Global Safety Light Curtain

Global Safety Light Curtain

Next generation safety light curtain packed with powerful features, offering both robustness and reliability: Previously it took time to select the right safety light curtains for the conditions: physical conditions such as size and operating range, ambient environments, and countries. If just one single safety light curtain can be used in a variety of environments, the time required for selection, installation, and maintenance can be reduced. F3SG-R series is the solution. We call this the Global Safety Light Curtain.

Global | Multilingual troubleshooting ECONOMY ADVANCED

In order to minimize downtime of the machine due to safety light curtain errors, troubleshooting in eight languages will be published on the website to find causes and solutions of errors that occur during operation. Operators across the world can check the error details in their local languages, which will help them minimize time to troubleshoot.

Tough | Robust and compact ECONOMY ADVANCED

Safety light curtains can be used to implement the safety measures without using protective guards around the conveyor systems. However, contact with a product or tool may cause malfunction of a safety light curtain. The housing structure of the new F3SG-R is significantly improved to enhance resistance against shock and vibration and to reduce the thickness of the thinnest part of the housing material from 3mm to 2.5mm. The cross-section of the housing is reduced to approximately 60% of that of the previous model.

Stable | Reduced mutual interference ECONOMY ADVANCED

When other sensors are installed near the F3SG-R, Operating Range Selection helps reduce mutual interference. Mutual interference with the other sensor near the F3SG-R can be reduced by changing the mode from Long to Short. Maximum Operating range of 20m for hand/arm protection or 10m for finger protection.
The Operating Range can be selected with DIP Switches on the emitter.
For the F3SG-RE, the mode can be selected by wiring.

Facilitate installation | Simple, long distance wiring ECONOMY ADVANCED

Simple Wiring
Simple wiring connector: Simple wiring connector can reduce wiring time. Fewer cables mean that the risk of disconnection and noise troubles can also be reduced.
Long-distance wiring
Maximum 100m cable length: The total extension cable length is up to 100m. Flexible wiring maximizes long-distance detection and optical synchronization functionality.

Superior machine safeguarding and operator protection F3SG-R Series Global Safety Light Curtains


Detection capability: Dia. 14mm
Ideal for finger protection

Detection capability: Dia. 30mm
Ideal for hand and arm protection

• For stand-alone devices.
• Can be used for simple finger and hand intrusion.
• Mounting takes less than half the man-hours that convention models take.
• Highly reliable type 4 safety light curtain.

Easy-to-use | Ideal for simple on/off detection applications ECONOMY

Providing only simple safety functions, the Economy type helps save TCO(Total Cost of Ownership) by reducing errors that require a lot of time to identify the causes.
Simple Wiring: Only four wires are required for the minimum configuration, which is as simple as wiring a photoelectric sensor. Simple connection with a safety controller makes it easy to build a safety circuit. Commercially available M12 connector cables can be used for extension cables.
Fast Response Time of 5ms: The Economy type that allows the distance between the light curtain and hazard source to be reduced is best suited to use in a small machine.


Detection capability: Dia. 14mm
Ideal for finger protection

Detection capability: Dia. 30mm
Ideal for hand and arm protection

• Fast response time of 8ms
• Quick mount brackets reduce setup time by 50%
• Series connection for flexible setup of protective field
• Easy-to-view LED bar for less alignment and diagnosis effort
• Advanced model supports complex safety with muting and blanking functions

Muting | 80% less adjustment time ADVANCED

The F3SG-R provides the muting function that can use bypass performance to increase safety and productivity. Special software is also provided to record the muting status in the safety light curtain and analyze the logged status to find optimal settings. This can minimize trial and error in adjustment, so adjustment time can be reduced by 80% (compared to the previous OMRON safety light curtain based on OMRON investigation in September 2014). This function is more effective for the production lines where configurations are frequently changed.

Configuration Tool | Minimizing Setting and detection errors ADVANCED

Configuration Tool SD Manager 2
The function to log the muting sensor operating conditions of the F3SG-R visualizes the installation position and setting conditions of the sensor to achieve reliable configuration. The stop due to the muting error can be analyzed using the data stored in the F3SG-R. Quick identification of the cause can reduce unexpected machine downtime.

F3SG-R Line-up