Servo Press by
Omron and Tolomatic

Introduction to the Servo Press


Servo Press is a press machine that uses a servomotor as the drive source, in applications where hydraulic presses are normally used. A hydraulic actuator must wait for the pressure to build until force is achieved, where as an electric actuator the force is generated instantaneously. This means the servomotor can control both the position and speed of the output shaft compared to a constant cycle speed.


How can it replace hydraulic cylinders?

Electric rod-style screw actuators are replacing fluid power in high-force applications throughout industry. Tasks once limited to hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders such as pressing, holding, lifting and spot welding are now being performed by electric actuators that offer lower life-cycle costs.

The development of Tolomatic's high force electric actuators has made it possible for customers to replace their hydraulic systems. Presses are capable of up to 50,000 lbs of force! They are more flexible, precise and reliable than hydraulic counter parts. Roller screw technology withstands higher loads and shocks while allowing you all the control you need in your system.

What Process Improvements Do Servo Presses Offer?

  • Complex part geometries can be formed, while maintaining dimensional precision
  • Adjustable stroke! The motion can be programmed for different profiles to accommodate multiple types of presses
  • Less frequent maintenance, and no seal replacements
  • Infinite control over position, velocity, acceleration, deceleration, output, force and more
  • Overall smaller footprint, for smaller more efficient machine design


How To Replace Hydraulics with a Servo Press

There are a few considerations to take into account when replacing a hydraulic with a servo system. There is always the danger of over sizing the electric actuator. Fluctuation in fluid powder is common, and very regularly oversized - which is something the engineer usually considers as insurance. However, over sizing can obscure the actual force requirements for the application, making them appear quite high when they actually may be significantly lower than the cylinder rating.


This is because as the cylinder gets larger the force applied grows rapidly. Force = Pressure X Area, as the bore size increases so does the pressure. This can be a lot to take on! Keep reading see the Servo Press Solution Lakewood Automation can help you build. We have the knowledge and experience to help you size, integrate and program the perfect system.

One Solution

Tolomatic Actuators and the Omron Sysmac Platform bring together the latest technology for a servo press, motion control and programming solution from a single source.


  • Tolomatic Actuators with high rated loading, robust and custom engineered actuators bring new power previously only possible through hydraulics.
    • RSX
    • RSXP
  • Sysmac Automation Platform
    • Sysmac Studio and Libraries
    • NX1 CPU
    • 1S Motor and Drive
    • Ethercat network


The result: a powerful and robust automation platform and a high powered actuator brings together motion, sequencing, safety, networking for the ultimate servo press.