WAGO Compact

Controller 100

Taking a PLC and connecting it with the 750 Series I/O couplers, provides the flexibility and high-performance needed for applications large and small. Carefully engineered for machine builders, plant floor tasks and other digitalization projects, the Compact Controller 100 is easy to use and maintenance free.

With the Compact Controller 100, you get the benefit of both a compact controller, digital as well as analog inputs and outputs all-in-one! With CODESYS version 3 software, the industry's leading platform, this system combines advanced programming with capabilities of professional software development for modern control applications.

Benefits of the Compact Controller 100

  • Input: 8 Digital, 2 Analog, 2 RTD, Outputs: 4 Digital, 2 Analog
  • Two configurable RJ45 ports with MicroSD card slots
  • Pluggable connectors via WAGO's PicoMAX Push-in CAGE CLAMP®
  • Expand the number and type of I/O using our 750 series couplers
  • Industrial protocols supported
  • Pair with 787-2850 Power Supply for compact footprint