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September 10th, 2020 | Issue 3
Pro-face Creates the Ultimate Outdoor HMI
Pro-face has developed an extreme HMI that is readable in direct sunlight and resistant to extreme temperatures. With an enhanced information display unit, this HMI is suitable for applications in harsh environments, including use in special purpose vehicles.

Where Can You Use the SP5000X?

The answer is pretty much everywhere, from fire trucks and construction equipment, to parking lots and gas stations; even the arctic tundra and blazing deserts are no match for this extreme screen.

The SP5000X is equipped to withstand the environments of any geographical region with its dust-tight and waterproof design. It has vibration resistance that is 2 times stronger and shock resistance that is 2.7 times stronger than traditional indoor HMIs. Additionally, all cables and power source connections are fixed to prevent them from disconnecting from shocks or vibrations.

The SP5000X accounts for use in special vehicles and generators and is compatible with a wide range of power supply environments from DC12V to 24V. Unlike other engine powered equipment that tend to be affected by voltage drops when turning the engine on and off, this device is designed to operate smoothly at all times
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