Introducing the

LMI Gocator

LMI Gocator

Gocator is an all-in-one, 3D smart sensor, trusted worldwide for automated inline inspection. Gocator leverages both laser triangulation and fringe pattern projection. These technologies provide optimal 3D scanning for both high speed and stationary 3D part inspection. Gocator is available in a wide selection of models suited to your exact application.

Gocator Point Sensor

Gocator Point Profile Sensors are high speed (32 kHz) single point measurement devices capable of profiling along the direction of part travel or inspecting displacement in a fast-moving process. Ideal for contour feature measurement of parts moving at very high speed or closed loop feedback systems, these point profilers are unique all-in-one solutions for a wide variety of applications.

Gocator Line Sensor

Gocator Line Profile Sensors measure a cross sectional shape. Cross sections can be collected to form 3D point clouds representing discrete whole parts. A profile sensor can measure shape of very small (10 mm) to large width objects (1.5m) moving at high speed. Profilers can simultaneously output calibrated 2D intensity images for use with common 2D imaging libraries for surface inspection.

Gocator Snapshot Sensors

Gocator Snapshot Sensors are the first family of 3D smart sensors to combine full-field 3D point cloud acquisition using fringe projection with 3D measurement tools for specific 3D features. These sensors are ideal for inline inspection applications where objects are momentarily stationary, like in robot inspection or pick and place.


High Performance

• Scan rates up to 32,000 Hz
• Micron resolution with large field of view
• Gigabit Ethernet real-time data delivery
• Refer to datasheets below for specifications for each model


Rich I/O

• Interface with your existing control systems, including PLCs and robots
• Choose how you want to trigger and scan
• Select Ethernet, digital, analog, and/ or serial data output

Factory Pre-Calibrated with Compact Footprint

• Delivers real world coordinates, right out of the box
• Highly accurate assembly process for consistent, reliable, and precise measurement
• Easily fits into small spaces
• Can be used on robotic arms
• Fits your application without costly modifications

Multi-Sensor Networking

• The Master product line offers models that support 4, 8, 12, or 24 Gocator connections
• Masters provide power, laser safety and distributed synchronization (time, encoder, external trigger)
• Each Gocator transmits 3D profile data to the host computer through standard Ethernet switches
• Use Gocator Accelerator to simplify the setup and alignment of multi-sensor systems and speed up point cloud processing from multiple sensors

Free Software and Emulator

• Use all the Gocator functionality, including measurement tools and part matching on recorded data—in a virtual web-based environment
• Analyze and create measurement solutions on data recorded from a real sensor in true production conditions
• Determine issues with current sensor configurations, then design and test improvements in a safe environment prior to deploying the solution on an actual sensor
• Develop fully integrated solutions in a stable offline environment
• Includes online version!

Completely Open Source (SDK & GDK)

• A single C-based SDK to control, acquire and manage any Gocator
• Unified library for all Gocator technologies - learn it once and use it everywhere
• Compile and execute on any target environment
• Extend your existing set of measurement tools and make specialized measurements for applications with unique requirements while protecting your IP
• Produce optimized custom firmware builds that run within the realtime OS of the Gocator
• Use custom solutions on a variety of different sensors, all on a single platform
• Run your customized measurement tools in the Gocator Emulator for offline development, testing, and support of Gocator outputs such as analog, digital, Ethernet and PLC protocols


Gocator 1300 Datasheet

Gocator 2100 Datasheet

Gocator 2300 Datasheet

Gocator 2410/2420 Datasheet

Gocator 2430/40/50 Datasheet

Gocator 2490 Datasheet

Gocator 2500 Datasheet

Gocator 2512 Datasheet

Gocator 2530 Datasheet

Gocator 2880 Datasheet

Gocator 3210 Datasheet

Gocator 3504 Datasheet

Gocator 3506 Datasheet

GoMax Datasheet


15159- Gocator Line Profile Sensors User Manual

15185- Gocator Point Profile Sensors User Manual

15199- Gocator Snapshot Sensors User Manual


Gocator Brochure


14405- Software