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December 16th, 2020 | Issue 5
Need a Hydraulic Replacement? Check Out a Servo Press!
What is a servo press?
A Servo Press is a press machine that uses a servomotor as the drive source. In an electric actuator the force is generated instantaneously. A hydraulic actuator must wait for the pressure to build until force is achieved. This means the servomotor can control both the position and speed of the output shaft compared to a constant cycle speed. 

How can they replace hydraulic cylinders?
The development of Tolomatic's high force electric actuators has made it possible for customers to replace their hydraulic systems. They are more flexible, precise and reliable than hydraulic counter parts. Roller screw technology withstands higher loads and shocks while allowing you all the control you need in your system.

What are the benefits of a servo press?
  • Complex part geometries can be formed, while maintaining dimensional precision.  

  • Adjustable stroke! The motion can be programmed for different profiles to accommodate multiple types of presses. 

  • Less frequent maintenance, and no seal replacements.

  • Infinite control over position, velocity, acceleration/deceleration output force and more!

If you would like some additional information please reach out to your salesperson,
John Garcia - (216) 210 7544 - [email protected]
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