New Products

Lakewood Automation represents a number of very innovative manufacturers who in turn release a large number of new products every year. Here we highlight just a few.

Pro-face AGP4100 Compact HMI

The Pro-face AGP4100 Series compact operator interface offers a crisp, clear and bright, 200 x 80 pixel monochrome LCD Display, with Analog Touch Panel for improved visibility and precise part placement. It comes equipped with energy efficient, maintenance free Green/Orange/Red or White/Pink/Red LED backlights.

Microscan MobileHawk DPM Imager

The Mobile Hawk is the world’s highest performance handheld imager and easily reads any barcode or 2D symbol, including challenging direct part marks (DPM). Using advanced technology, the Mobile Hawk combines patent-pending MAXlite illumination with aggressive X-Mode DPM algorithms. The result is the easiest plug and play mobile imager for all code types on all materials.

Omron CJ2 Programmable Logic Control

Choose from the CJ2 PAC that has built-in Ethernet/IP and Tag Based Programming for High Speed systems that require lots of memory. With a wide range of interchangeable CPUs, network units analog & digital I/O and motion modules, the CJ family is the ultimate modular system.


Are you looking for a servo press? We have a solution for you...

From specific libraries in Sysmac Studio to high force actuators. Lakewood Automation has the tools, equipment and experience you need to reduce your supply of pig mats and increase process controls all in one complete solution.

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