New Products

Lakewood Automation represents a number of very innovative manufacturers who in turn release a large number of new products every year. Here we highlight just a few.

Omron EtherCAT G5 Servo Drive

Omron now offers a complete line of compact Accurax G5 servo drives with built-in, EtherCAT communications to meet the growing need for high-speed, precise motion control as part of whole machine automation. The servo drives are certified compatible by the EtherCAT Technology Group.

Tolomatic ACS & ERD Enhancements

The ACS is an extremely easy-to-use stepper drive & controller developed specifically to be used with electric actuators. The ERD is a low cost rod-style electric actuator designed as an alternate to pneumatic cylinders and an option for automating manual processes. The ERD and ACS can be combined to create a complete low cost, electric motion solution.

Wago Speedway IP67 I/O Modules

WAGO again achieves a milestone in automation technology, with a new performance class of IP 67 I/O modules. The growing demand for automation without control cabinets is still limited by cumbersome, slow and inflexible I/O systems whose functionality is far behind that of modern IP 20 I/O systems. WAGO is introducing a new series of IP 67 protected modular I/O modules called WAGO SPEEDWAY 767, which matches the latest IP 20 I/O products and opens up completely new possibilities.

Omron FQ Vision Sensor

Omron defines a new era of simplicity and performance with the new FQ vision sensor range. Now you can benefit from state-of-the art technology without complex operation instructions or technical know-how. With one-touch control via PC or the intuitive TouchFinder console, you can access all functions and settings quickly and easily.

Sti OS32C Compact Safety Laser Scanner

The OS32C is the newest product to join our Safety Laser Scanner lineup. Along with our OptoShield OS3101, Omron STI has the most popular selection of safety laser scanners available in the market today. We are proud to introduce the OS32C — the world’s most compact, lightweight and low-power safety laser scanner! Whether your application requires collision avoidance, intrusion detection or presence detection, the OS32C has the versatility to solve them all.

Sti G9SP Programmable Safety Control

The G9SP is a new range of configurable safety controllers suited to the packaging, food, automotive components, injection moulding and printing industries. Because it isn’t hardwired into your system, you benefit from a new flexibility, easily reconfiguring the unit when new safety features are added to your set-up. Three different models are available, with a range of I/O lines, so you can choose the most suitable for your system. Each one is compatible with the Omron configuration tool, recognised by industry as one of the most simple and accessible on the market.

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